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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!
Understanding the calorie count in chicken biryani

Understanding the calorie count in chicken biryani

It is not wrong to say that biryani is one of the best things that happened to us, which unites us from all over the globe. This delicious lip-smacking dish holds an undeniable power on desi people.

It is regarded as the signature dish in Pakistan, India, and other countries in South Asia. Chicken biryani reflects royalty, tradition, aromatic flavor, healthy cuisine, and enjoyable taste, which always makes us hungry!

What is the calorie breakdown of chicken biryani? 

1 cup or 205g of chicken biryani contains 292 calories with 31g of total carbohydrates, 20g of proteins, and 9.4g of total fats. 

Chicken biryani is a dish with a unique blend of ingredients and comes in a wide range of varieties. Any additional ingredient will have its own calories and nutritional value.

Chicken Biryani

Is chicken biryani healthy or unhealthy? 

Chicken biryani has become the new favorite of Gen Z. But is it healthy or unhealthy to eat? It can be a healthy option to consume but keep in mind that it’s all about the right ingredients and moderation. You can still enjoy chicken biryani while trying to eat healthily. Although, did you know that chicken biryani has its own benefits too? Let’s take a look at its benefits. 

What benefits does chicken biryani have?

  1. Chicken biryani contains all three macronutrients in rich amounts. The rice used in it provides carbs, protein comes from lean chicken meat, and fats from the oil used in the making. 

  2. Chicken biryani contains a number of spices that are potent antioxidants. These spices and condiments give biryani its aromatic flavor. These spices include cumin, black pepper, red chili powder, turmeric, saffron, garlic, and ginger. These ingredients have antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. 

  3. This dish is packed with protein, hence becoming the most satiating dish. 

  4. Also, chicken is a rich source of vitamin B6 and B3 which performs the metabolic functions of the body and guards the body against certain neurological complications while providing energy and acting as a detoxifying vitamin. 

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