Pakistan just witnessed the world’s largest fitness expo in Lahore. The Dubai Fitness Expo ‘Pakistan’ which has earned itself a big name in the world finally came to Pakistan and it was unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Being honored with the presence of international athletes, Pakistan witnessed the biggest fitness expo first hand. Jacked Nutrition is proud to be a part of the expo.

It was a dream come true for us when someone as big a name as Kai Greene walked into our gym and gave every one of us the opportunity to get in touch with him face to face.

Apart from bringing international athletes to Pakistan and reviving the fitness industry here, Jacked Nutrition was an active part of the two-day expo in Lahore.

Jacked Nutrition Booth at a glance


Jacked Nutrition’s booth – a closer look


Our CEO Muhammad Abbas posing with a fan and handing out a giveaway

We had set a booth where free consultation regarding all fitness questions was given as well as advice on nutrition and supplementation.

At our booth in Fitness Expo Dubai Pakistan, we also held small competitions like a deadlift competition, a questionnaire and more. We are extremely proud and happy that a huge number of Pakistani youth showed up making the expo a great success.

We have shown the world that Pakistan is not behind any other country in the world when it comes to bodybuilding and health and fitness.

Jacked Nutrition team including Dr. Waseem, Sidra, Osaf giving away free consultation to people

Jacked Nutrition team with CEO enjoying a meal after hard day’s work

On behalf of Jacked Nutrition’s team and Fitness Expo Dubai Pakistan, we would like to thank every single of you who turned up on the day to make this event so successful.

With this, we are determined to bring the expo back on a much bigger scale in the future!