Kai Greene Visits Jacked Nutrition Islamabad

Being one of the biggest fitness expos in Dubai, it was an honor to have it come to ‘Pakistan’. But for us at Jacked Nutrition, perhaps the biggest achievement was to bring one of the world’s biggest bodybuilding stars to our gym in Islamabad, Pakistan.

It was like a dream come true when the great Kai Greene entered our gym in Islamabad. After all, our team and CEO Muhammad Abbas have had many sleepless nights trying to bring international bodybuilders to the country.

And on the 18th of August, the dream finally came true for us and for the people of Pakistan and the bodybuilding community as a whole. Kai Greene finally made it to Pakistan and came for an exclusive meet and greet at Jacked Crossfit.

Kai Greene inside Jacked Crossfit
Kai Greene taking questions from Pakistani youth
Kai Greene enjoying lunch at our office
Kai Greene guiding the youth with his experience
Q&A Session with Kai Greene at Jacked Crossfit

Great Day for Jacked Nutrition and the fitness industry of Pakistan. We are determined even after the losses throughout our journey and many sleepless nights. I am going to get the fitness industry of Pakistan where it deserves to be!!! Inshallah! Pakistan Zindabad! – Muhammad Abbas, CEO Jacked Nutrition

This is our gift to the Pakistan health and fitness industry. You guys have given so much love to us that it was only deserving of you to see one of the best names in bodybuilding visit the country.

Jacked Nutrition will continue to hand back the love the people of Pakistan has given to us. This is just the beginning, we’re going to take Pakistan’s fitness industry to a whole new level and in the near future, bring more superstars here!

Thank You Roze News for coverage.

Geplaatst door Jacked Nutrition op Zaterdag 19 augustus 2017

More About Kai Greene

Kai Greene is a name that needs no introduction. The American bodybuilding super star has been competed in a number of different high-profile competitions and has emerged victorious in most of them.

Today Kai Greene is one of the most popular bodybuilders of our time and it was a dream come for all Pakistani bodybuilding enthusiasts to finally see someone they love in Pakistan.

Jacked Nutrition would also like to thank the CEO of Fitness Expo Dubai ‘Pakistan’, Mr. Arif Mirza for his support and encouragement in making this visit possible.

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