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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!


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BCAA + Glutamine By Superior 14

With BCAA + glutamine superior 14 supplement, achieve your superlative fitness goals because this combo will help your body in the synthesis of protein. The branched chain amino acids, leucine, iso-leucine and valine are summed up in this combo that will help you in building muscle mass and the regaining of muscles and cells.

The glutamine will aid in the optimal recovery and act as a building block for proteins. It will decrease muscle cramps and help you in lean muscle gaining. If you want to lose your body weight by adding muscular mass and weight, then BCAA glutamine supplement is your best shot.

    Key Points and Benefits of BCAA + Glutamine Powder

    • It is a 100g product with a serving size of 10g in 1 scoop size.
    • It contains 2500mg of leucine per serving which is used for the stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle gain.
    • It contains 1250mg of iso-leucine per serving which will help you in muscle growth, protein metabolism, and transportation of glucose.
    • 1250mg of valine per serving will enhance your endurance levels and will promote the repair of tissues and muscles.
    • 3500mg of glutamine in each serving will help in the uptake of leucine which will promote lean muscle gain and delay the soreness and tenderness of muscles.

    Flavors in BCAA + Glutamine Powder

    We are offering the flavorsome wide variety of tastes in BCAA glutamine powder:

    • Black currant flavor
    • Cola flavor
    • Pear flavor
    • Strawberry flavor

    How to Use

    The recommended use of the product is:

    • Add 1 serving (10g) of powder in 250ml of cold water.
    • Add powder and water in the shaker.
    • Mix the mixture well for 30-40 seconds.

      When and How Much to Consume

      To get the best lean muscular look, you can take up to 2 servings between meals, pre workout, during workout or in post workout according to your suitability.

      BCAA + Glutamine Price in Pakistan

      This product is one of the best muscle gainer products in Pakistan and we are offering you this at an affordable cost. For price and for more information, please check out our website or visit our stores which are located in different cities in Pakistan.

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