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Protein Spread

Protein spread has become the latest food trend and an easy option to eat healthily. Superior 14’s delicious protein spread is a flavorful and healthy snack to treat yourself while craving something sweet. It is made with cocoa powder and hazelnut providing 2.6g of protein.  It is a good food snack choice for many individuals who fulfill their protein requirement with low-carb contents and is a tasty and go-to food option to consume.


    • Protein spread gives you 73 kcal in 15g serving.
    • It contains healthy fat sources to maintain your cardiac health and prevent fat deposition.
    • Provides you with a low content of carbs i.e 6g of which 1.2g are sugar and 4.7g are polyols which will not increase your calorie count.
    • 0.5g of fiber content is added which will give you satiety.
    • 2.6g of protein only in 15g serving.

    Benefits of Protein Spread

    • It is a low-fat, low-carb food item to consume especially for people who are eating healthy.
    • It has a very low sugar content and polyols are added so you don't have to worry about calories count.
    • It doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners.
    • Hazelnuts and cocoa powder added in it are giving beneficial nutritional properties.

    How to Consume

    Protein spreads are a good and healthy option to consume whenever you get a craving at any time of the day. You can spread a layer of this on pancakes, toast, fruits, and oatmeal or on anything you like because it doesn’t contain excess sugar or artificial additives which makes it a  healthy food option.

    Protein Spread Price in Pakistan

    We are offering you our tasteful and easy-to-consume protein spread at a very reasonable cost. By purchasing it, you will get to satisfy your sweet tooth and give your body a few extra benefits. To get more information about this product, please visit our website or store or give us a call.

      Customer Reviews

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      hassan tariq

      I would like to suggest that a little sugar or some kind of sugary material may be added in order to enhance the taste. It gives a very dry taste

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