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Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in our bodies in large quantities. A single Jacked Nutrition capsule contains 500mg of this nutrient, which is equivalent to 7 oranges. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, it provides optimal benefits such as boosting immunity, preventing cardiovascular diseases, improving vision, repairing body tissues, and strengthening bones. If you are experiencing the following symptoms: hair loss, fatigue, laziness, anemia, etc. you might have a vitamin C deficiency.  

    Vitamin C Benefits:

    Vitamin C Serves as a Powerful Antioxidant: Natural Deference System for Body

    Vitamin C is a powerful that can strengthen your body’s response to diseases.  They do so by protecting cells from harmful molecules called free radicals i.e., unbonded molecules, and provide protection against chronic diseases such as arthritis, premature aging, edema, etc. Vitamin C is essential to the immune system and can be extremely effective in strengthening immunity in order to help fight against the common cold and flu etc.

    Creating Collagen and Preserving Flexibility:

    Vitamin C helps the body with collagen production, an important protein that serves to build concrete cartilages, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels, also essential for tissue repair.  

    Vitamin C Curbs High Uric Acid Levels: Helpful for Those Suffering From Gout

    Individuals suffering from gout i.e. swelling of toes and joints can gain benefit from vitamin C capsules as it reduces uric acid levels in the body. 

    Maintenance of Iron Levels: Inhibits Anemia

    The human body requires iron for many functions, such as producing red blood cells and the transportation of oxygen. Vitamin C supplement can thus help increase iron absorption in the body and helps curb anemia. 

    Vitamin C Capsules benefits for skin: Promote Skin Health, Natural Hydration and Glow

    Skin growth and repair are associated with collagen, which is encouraged via Vitamin C capsules crafted by Jacked Nutrition. These capsules promote hydrated, glowing, and smooth skin. So There are a lot of vitamin c benefits for skin.

    How to Use Vitamin C capsule?

    The recommended dosage involves taking 1 capsule with a meal. 

      How Much is the Maximum Amount of Vitamin C One Should Consume?

      The most a human body can tolerate is 2000mg daily. Hence, 500mg capsules manufactured by Jacked Nutrition is perfect for daily use.

      The Most Cost-Effective Source of Vitamin C: Capsules by Jacked Nutrition:

      Our capsules help potentially help mitigate vitamin C deficiencies and are the best vitamin C capsules in Pakistan due to their great quality and affordable pricing. 

      Vitamin C Tablet vs. Capsule: What is The Difference?

      A Tablet is compressed powder that is coated to make it easier to consume; whereas a capsule is medication inside a shell that is edible.

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