Platinum Carnitine


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Platinum Carnitine:
After a bad muscle strain or injury Carnitine helps you with a speedy recovery.  Due to excessive gyming and workouts the muscles get damaged and can leave you with a lifetime pain and issues so for this purpose Platinum Carnitine gives your muscle a relief. This is something that can also help you if you’re a night workout kind of person and you need that extra boost of energy to keep you going. So, 1g of carnitine has proven to be very much effective in healing sore muscles. It is manufactured by Muscle-tech and comes with a really nice and solid packaging.  The company claims to provide the most studied form of L-Carnitine in the product which is also written on the packaging of the product. If you’re going through a bad phase of workout session where your muscles don’t help you anymore, this is definitely made for you.
1. Energy booster
Platinum carnitine not only helps with the muscle recovery but it also provides you a boost of energy. Thecompany claims to provide the most researched L-carnitine in the product which is an amino acid and works as a catalyst to the fatty acids and serves to the mitochondria which is the energy house of your body. You should also keep in mind that it’s impact is similar to the caffeine but the energy upgrade will be on a lighter note.
2. Platinum factor
The platinum factor also gives this product a great highlight and should totally be the reason for you to go for it.
3. Fat loss
You might have heard athletes and trainers using carnitine. This is because carnitine has the characteristic to help you lose the excessive fat.
4. No stress product
We are calling it a no stress product because unlike other workout supplements in the market you don’t have to worry about Platinum carnitine’s collaboration with any other food or supplement you’re taking cause this will work it’s own way in your body.

Like every other supplement you should always take the dosage after taking an experts opinion. Be it your fitness trainer, nutritionist etc. Also, It is a researched fact that L-carnitine might not work for a few bodies while it will be efficient for the other lot. Besides this, Platinum Carnitine should be one of your favorite products to add on your workout supplement stack!

How to use it?
There is definitely no science when it comes to using it. Generally two capsules a day is recommended with water.

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