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Offers Muscle Strength, Energy, and Recovery with 4.5 Grams of Glutamine!

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We are obsessed with Workout supplements and for sure you are too if you have experienced the good ones! One thing we have always believed in is that never compromise on your fitness and grab every chance you get to make it better. Of course, it is not humanly possible to be 100% active and chirpy every day. We all have days where we don’t feel like working out and we simply feel demotivated. To make such feelings go away you need to try Dymatize Micronized Glutamine 300 Gram. It has everything you have been looking for! from strength to the energy you are gonna feel as good as new. And Guess what? it is free from artificial dyes!

Get your daily Muscle Growth
Working out takes a lot out of your muscles and your performance depends on your muscle performance this is why making sure you take a supplement that supports muscle growth and support 100% is very important.

Glutamine Powder
This supplement focuses on Glutamine because it is super beneficial for your body and gives you the strength and energy to carry on every day. It contains 4.5 Grams of Glutamine which is a very appropriate amount for a supplement.

Let’s not forget it is GLUTEN FREE!

1. People under the age of 18 shouldn’t use this product.
2. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or lactating.
You should only start using this product after you have consulted a professional physician or your nutritionist.
Discontinue 2 weeks prior to surgery.
6. Keep out of reach of children

How to use?
Mix one scoop in water and shake well for a well mixed
Take twice or once a day taste post-workout or in the morning.