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Offers Essential Electrolytes like Magnesium, Calcium, sodium and Potassium to make sure your body doesn’t lose the energy and stays active.

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MyProtein never fails to impress us with their products. Same is the case with Impact Electrolytes Plus, it offers a blend of all the essential and necessary electrolytes for the body and it works like magic. Human body keeps building up energy and when we workout we tend to take a lot of energy from our body because of the excessive sweating and stretching of the muscles. This is why we need to make sure we don’t let our body stay energy less for a longer period of time. Impact Electrolytes Plus will make sure your body stays active with the help of essential electrolytes like MagnesiumPotassium, Calcium & Sodium.

Workout without any worries
The best thing (besides the formula) about this product is that it is specially designed for the people who are pure workout freaks and love sweating it out at the gym. It is made for your everyday intense workout session.

Your Everyday Dose
Impact Electrolytes will become your favourite everyday supplement once you start using it because this is basically your everyday energy boost in a bottle.

It also contains Sodium Chloride, Potassium sulphate, Magnesium Stearate (Anti-Caking Agent) and Magnesium Oxide.

1. Keep out of reach of children
2. Do not exceed the recommended amount
3. Consult a Nutritionist or your physician if you feel any abnormalities.|
4. Keep it in a cool & dry place

How to use?
You can take two tablets everyday anytime you prefer.
For best results, use it with a proper diet schedule.