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Mypre is a pre workout supplement made by the popular health and fitness company Myprotein.

MyProtein have just released a new update in the formula and the new product is now called Mypre 2.0. It’s been designed to give you a boost of energy and focus to make sure that you’re feeling at your best at the gym or playing sports.

Among other things, it contains caffeine and creatine to help get you firing on all cylinders during your training sessions.

In this review article, we’re going to take a close look at Mypre to assess whether it’s a pre workout supplement you should consider taking.

We’re going to break down the ingredients, check out real customer reviews and look out for any potential side effects.

So, let’s get straight down to business and start taking a close look at the Mypre pre workout supplement.

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What does Mypre by Myprotein do?

As you’re no doubt aware, Mypre fits into the broader range of supplements known as ‘pre workouts’. These are products which have been specifically formulated to make sure that you’re getting the very best out of your trips to the gym.

It’s important to note that pre workouts don’t usually contain ingredients to help with fat loss and muscle growth, rather they help to get you ‘in the zone’ while you exercise.

Myprotein are a popular UK sports supplements company, and they claim that the newly-update Mypre formula is their “most explosive” yet.



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