Elite Protein Bar by Dymatize – 70g bar


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Feeling low on energy and craving for something sweet? Elite Protein Bar by Dymatize is here to save your life!
You can now go for the tasty and delicious way to fulfill your sweet cravings without harming your health. Elite Protein bar will give you a boost of energy when feeling low and will help re-charging your muscles. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep something sweet in the bag in case of ‘craving emergencies’ then Elite Protein Bar is perfect for you. Not just this it will not harm your diet in any way because of its amazing ingredients like BCAAs (5 g), Protein (28 g) and Fiber (4 g). It is also GLUTEN FREE!

Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs) helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis more than a normal protein. Your body makes new muscle protein with the help of this well-known synthesis process. BCAA also helps in the reduction of tryptophan which eventually helps you work harder and better.

A small Pack energizer!
I feel protein bars are an extremely comfortable option because they’re very much portable for traveling and you can enjoy your (kind of a) cheat day whenever you want without worrying about gaining extra kilos.

No extra sugar
The Elite Protein Bar contains no extra sugar and still provides a balanced and natural sweetness level.

Delicious Flavors
This Protein bar won’t disappoint you in this area and will make sure you have enough variety to choose your favorite flavor. It offers:
1. Vanilla Cupcake
2. Chocolate Chip cookie dough
3. Coconut cream
4. Peanut Butter
5. Chocolate Peanut Butter

If you want a healthy and instant energy boost then don’t give this delicious bar a second thought!

  • Amazing snack to kill those sweet cravings!
  • No synthetic sweeteners
  • 28g protein per bar
  • 5g BCAAs
  • 4g fiber
  • Gluten Free