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Experience the Exclusive Benefits of Partnering with Jacked Nutrition as a Franchisee!

Our Story

Our Story

Jacked Nutrition was born 12 years ago by a man who decided to turn his passion into the vision of creating the biggest fitness industry in Pakistan. Initially starting from the living room of Muhammad Abbas, the CEO opened 8 stores in 5 different cities of Pakistan and now plans to expand internationally. Jacked Nutrition is a supplement brand that grew its empire within areas of the largest fitness gym in Pakistan: Jacked Fitness Arena.

It aims to bring the most authentic supplements to society’s doorsteps with honesty and integrity and help people ignite their strength while changing their lives for the better.

The Extensive Product Portfolio

The Extensive Product Portfolio

The extensive product portfolio of Jacked Nutrition includes premium and authentic supplements such as protein powders, multivitamins, gainers, pre and intra-workouts, and much more.

The products that we stock come from very well-researched brands that are authentic and reliable. In addition to this Jacked Nutrition also launched some authentic and high-quality products under its own names such as ISO Jacked, Creatine monohydrate, Vitamitic, DHT blocker, Omega 3 fish oil, and much more. All of this is done so that we can ensure the highest quality and standards so that we only provide the best to our customers.

In a matter of a couple of years, Jacked Nutrition expanded its empire by developing seven stores in different locations including two stores in the hub of Karachi: Zamzama and Shaheed-e-Millat. Two stores in 'The City of Gardens', Lahore, located on M.M Alam Road, as well as DHA, Phase 1. Jacked Nutrition also has twin stores in the Capital city, Islamabad in the popular sectors: F-7 and F-11. Faislabad and Rawalpindi also have one store each in the city centers.

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As a prestige partner of Jacked Nutrition, you will be able to get benefit from the extensive product portfolio built over the years that includes the world's finest quality-tested, effective and efficient products.

The foremost reason to become a Jacked Nutrition franchisee is that they will not only provide their relentless support but also provide complete knowledge of the products which will help create awareness among the owners of the franchisees. 

Being a Jacked Nutrition franchise partner you will be offered comprehensive franchise training that will cover all the important aspects. From product details to operation management and much more, everything will be covered.

In addition to this Jacked Nutrition will never stop providing endless support and assistance to their franchisees. So that they can improve their franchise system by providing regular consultations and keeping them in the loop.

Jacked Nutrition is looking forward to making every long-term relationship with its business partners by providing trust, reliability, and support at every step. 

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