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How to Gain Weight | Weight Gain Tips, Exercises, Tablets & Supplements

How to Gain Weight | Weight Gain Tips, Exercises, Tablets & Supplements

If you are struggling with weight gain, do not worry because we got you! In this article, we will show you a better way how to gain weight by helping you develop muscle mass and subcutaneous fat, rather than adding a lot of unhealthy belly fat. You may be naturally thin due to genetics or have a very fast metabolism. However, low body weight may also indicate poor nutritional habits or underlying health problems. Making it challenging to build muscle mass and increase weight. 

In order to gain muscle weight, the main principles remain the same regardless of whether you are clinically underweight or simply struggling with weight gain. Despite the fact that desserts, soft drinks, donuts, and other junk foods may temporarily give you more weight, they can also put you at risk for heart disease and diabetes in the long run. Here is a complete guide to help you increase your weight quickly without increasing your health risks.


Here are several different ways you can include daily in your routine to gain weight:

  1. As you might already know that you have to eat more to gain weight. The real question is how much? First off, you have to calculate your daily calorie intake, then add 300-500 additional calories. This is the correct way to increase your calorie intake. To see fast results, you can slowly increase your intake by adding 700-1,000 calories to your daily calorie intake. (Check out our in-depth guide on weight gain diets and calorie intake).
  2. Now that you have a calorie intake noted. The next step is to measure your meals by using a scale or measuring cups and spoons, in order to make sure you are consuming enough calories.
  3. Eating on a bigger plate can also simply bump up your calorie intake since people tend to eat less on smaller plates.
  4. Eat more frequently throughout the day. Add more calorie-dense foods to your regular diet like high-protein snacks, milkshakes, and smoothies to help fit in more calories in your routine. Consume protein shakes by mixing them into milk instead of water. Dairy products are excellent high-protein and high-calorie options. You can add creamers or whipped cream to your coffee, tea, or milkshakes for some extra deliciousness and calories.
  5. Increasing protein intake can also make it easier for you to gain weight healthfully. This will help keep your fat content down while increasing muscle weight. Therefore, increasing your overall weight. However, including all essential macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein) is crucial to achieving positive results at a faster rate. When eating a variety of foods, eat the foods that have the most calories and the most protein first. Also, include fiber-rich foods (fruits and vegetables) to help with digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  6. When buying meat, avoid lean or skinless meats and instead choose more high-calorie meat options. Example: Choose chicken thighs rather than chicken breasts.
  7. The two most important tips that most people do not pay attention to are to get enough sleep and manage your stress levels. These are crucial to losing, maintaining, or gaining weight.
  8. People who smoke tend to weigh less than those who do not smoke and quitting smoking often results in weight gain. Therefore, smoking should be avoided, and if you smoke, you should consider quitting.
  9. Do more strength training exercises compared to cardio or HIIT exercises.
  10. Lastly, try supplements such as protein, weight gainers, pre-workouts, and creatine to help build muscle mass and boost weight gain.


As was previously said, increasing your calorie and macronutrient intake can help you gain weight. However, utilizing those extra calories and ensuring that the majority of them are used by your muscles rather than merely your fat cells, you have to focus on building a correct workout regime. It is advised to prioritize weight training over cardio in order to increase muscle mass. Cardio exercises can help you get more fit and enhance your health, but you might want to avoid doing so much that you wind up burning up all the extra calories you are taking in. Try to have more workout sessions of strength or resistance training or weight lifting in a week.

Additional gains in lean body mass beyond those made by resistance exercise alone can be made when protein supplements are used with resistance training. Overall, your main goal should be to gain more muscle mass which will ultimately help increase your weight. Also, you can get help from a certified personal trainer to help you get started if you are entirely out of shape or new to training.


Here is a quick answer for you: supplements can only be effective if your diet and workout routine is in order. These two things will be most important to your success. Numerous supplements make promises to aid in weight or muscle gain. However, without healthy eating and exercise, the majority of supplements are worthless in that sense. Overall, many supplements either have negligible effects or none at all. However, some supplements may be beneficial because they offer extra calories and protein or because they make it simpler to exert more effort in the gym. You can look into four different effective supplements to aid in your weight-gaining efforts.


One way to increase your daily calorie intake is to take weight or mass gainers. If you add them to your regular diet, their high protein and carbohydrate content will make it simpler for you to acquire weight. Check out our extensive range of mass gainers or weight gain shakes, and choose the one most suitable for your body.


Weight gain tablets or appetite pills are supplements that can also offer a solution by increasing your appetite. This encourages you to eat more frequently and in larger portions. You put on weight by taking these tablets because they are packed with micronutrients and protein that enrich your muscles. You can improve your appetite and support processes that help you gain weight by choosing from our wide range of weight-gain tablets.  


The desire to put on weight might have a variety of reasons. In any case, you can achieve better results by consuming nutrient-dense foods, making small lifestyle changes, and exercising to gain more muscle mass. If you want to be successful in the long run, it can require a lot of work and consistency. So stay patient, and keep it rolling with these helpful tips. You can also improve eating habits with the assistance of a dietitian or check out our blog on weight gain diets.

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