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What Happens If You Do Not Train Your Legs

What Happens If You Do Not Train Your Legs

If you ever feel that leg workouts are not as important as other workouts, don’t trust your instinct. It’s just the lazy brain trying to convince you to skip your leg day which is not a wise idea, let us explain why.

Consequences of skipping leg days

Skipping leg workouts can result in an uneven physique

A heavier and more muscular upper body needs equally stronger legs to bear the weight and of course, look aesthetically pleasing too. Regularly skipping leg workouts can cause a disproportionate figure and weaker and less muscular legs.

Balance and range of motion will be compromised

Leg training will positively impact your overall balance and range of motion. While doing the leg workout try to train in all the planes of motion so you can improve your balance. Better balance and the full range of motion can help you perform better and maximize your gains from your workout.

Risk of injury

A balanced leg workout can help prevent injuries. The overtired as well as weaker muscles are more prone to injuries. The leg training can help you overcome the risk of injuries you may get even from doing your routine activities like walking, jogging, or jumping.

It affects your overall workout performance

Leg workouts are a very important part of your exercise regimen. The strengthened legs can help your body adapt to the workouts better and enhance your performance. Better leg strength directly correlates with improved endurance and enables you to excel in high-intensity resistance training.

It slows fat-burning

Leg exercises such as squats, step-ups, and lunges engage your abdominal muscles, offering the added benefit of helping you reduce belly fat. With these compound exercises, you can achieve two fitness goals, simultaneously.  Also, resistance exercises lead to a faster calorie burn, allowing you to gain maximum benefits from your workout. 

Miss on two out of the big three lifts

Big three lifts include squats, deadlifts, and bench presses which train all the major muscles of the body. The importance of stronger legs is pretty obvious in performing the two above-mentioned exercises and that you cannot achieve unless you skip skipping your leg days.

Some added benefits of leg workout

Helps with lower backache

Stretching your legs can help with the lower back pain you get from bending or lifting heavy weights or even sitting for long hours. Training the muscles of your leg, hip, and core and strengthening the glutes can alleviate lower back pain.

Improve stamina and cardiovascular performance

Leg workout includes aerobic exercises that strengthen your heart muscles as well. This can help in better endurance, cardiovascular health, and stamina which eventually contributes to better performance in the gym.


Never skip your leg day or you may end up facing one or maybe more of the consequences.

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