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Keto Diet

Is the Keto Diet Worth It?
Examining the Pros and Cons

What is keto diet

The ketogenic diet also known as the keto diet is getting very popular lately. It involves eating very few carbohydrates and relying mainly on fats for energy. This diet is gluten-free and is adopted by many for mainly weight loss. So far it is observed to be successful in weight loss as well managing PCOS or hypothyroidism weight. The Keto diet has its limitations which will be discussed in detail later in this blog.

How the keto diet works

Basically in the keto diet, you reduce carbs from your diet and replace them with fats. In this way, the body goes into a state called “ketosis”. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body tends to burn fats instead of sugars to produce energy. This results in the production of ketones.

Hence, your body starts to efficiently burn fats for energy and you lose your body fat more effectively.

Pros of the keto diet


A ketogenic diet is found to be very effective for weight loss. People who follow this dietary pattern have reported a loss of tens of kgs in a short period. The keto diet is a go-to diet for many people who are willing to do anything to lose weight in a limited time. it is also a good kick-start to the weight loss journey of many. Some people lose initial few pounds and then adopt a regular portion control or any other diet pattern to maintain their healthy weight.

Health benefits

Besides weight loss, the keto diet is found to be beneficial in many diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers. The keto diet is used as a therapeutic measure for epilepsy for many years and a decrease in seizures is observed in individuals strictly stuck to the keto diet. Other than that it reduces the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and schizophrenia.

The symptoms of PCOS are also to a great extent reduced and the stubborn weight gain due to hypothyroidism and PCOS is also treated.

Cons of the keto diet

General cons

The keto diet is sometimes hard to stick to because it is so restrictive.  Wheat is the staple food in most parts of the world where as the keto diet limit wheat and such cereals intake. Another problem with the keto diet is that you have to prepare your keto meal separately from the family and seeing them eat normal food makes you crave the regular daal roti, which once you averted.

Another serious problem is the budget. The Keto diet is sometimes not budget friendly and it requires a lot of hard work to make it budget-friendly.

Health concerns

Some short-term health concerns include constipation, headache, upset stomach, lethargy, and keto flu, which your body suffers from due to withdrawal from carbohydrates. In the initial days, your body goes through extreme stress and you may experience some serious symptoms which may settle as your body adapts itself accordingly.

Some issues may develop if you stick to the keto diet for longer periods like kidney stones, high cholesterol, or even thyroid problems. Not everyone must suffer from this disease but some people are reported to have developed these issues.


If you are planning to start a keto diet, please discuss it with your nutritionist and get a customized plan according to your requirements. Many quacks in the market tend to distribute brochures on the keto diet but it is advised to consult a registered dietitian for your plan.

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