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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!

Frozen Treats: Popsicles in Sizzling Summers

Popsicles are children’s favorite treat in summer. This frozen dessert on top of a wooden stick is full of sugar and artificial flavors which makes it very unhealthy. Consuming popsicles with a high sugar content can pose significant risks to your child's health, negatively impacting both their dental and overall well-being.

What makes popsicles so unhealthy?

Popsicles are full of sugars and contain no nutrients except a few brands add vitamin C in their products. Which makes it the least considerable option. The only benefit of popsicle is that it is cold and it cools you in the depths. 

Do healthy popsicles exist?


Healthy popsicles sure exist or you can make them on your own. There are several ways to make them healthy

  1. Cut your favorite fruit into cubes, insert the stick, and freeze the fruit. This way all the nutrition of fruit is available to you. 
  2. Squeeze the juice out of your favorite fruits. Fill them in a popsicle mold or maybe a small glass and put them on a stick and freeze. You can enjoy having it when it is ready. 
  3. Another idea is that you mix different fruits or make fruit punch and make your mixed fruit popsicles. 
  4. Add fruit chunks to the juice and make it tastier.
  5. The popsicles normally don't contain calcium but you can blend your fruits with milk and cream and then freeze it to have additional nutrients. Yogurt may also be added to these popsicles.
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