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Sweet temptations: unveiling the caloric mysteries of sohan halwa

Sweet temptations: unveiling the caloric mysteries of sohan halwa

Sohan halwa is a very famous and customary winter-time sweet in the regions of the sub-continent. In Pakistan, Multan, a city of sweets is known for its delicacy of sohan halwa made by boiling and mixing water, milk, ghee, maida (white flour), sugar, and nuts, and then flavored with other ingredients. 

Calorie breakdown of sohan halwa: 

A high-caloric sweet, that contains 64g of total fats, 33g of total carbs in which 32g are of sugars, 2g of protein, and 717 calories in 100g of sohan halwa. 

Why is sohan halwa considered unhealthy? 

Sohan Halwa is a prominent dessert among desi people, so while consuming, keep in mind that it contains high sugar levels and high saturated fat content because of the use of ghee. The high content of sugar and fats can lead to obesity and chronic diseases which are associated with other certain complications. Sohan halwa should be eaten in moderation and with a healthy diet that balances its consumption. 

Does it provide any benefits?

While sohan halwa is a famous dessert item, so we cannot resist its sweet temptations. However, a moderate amount of intake is adequate. But, talking about the benefits of sohan halwa, there are a few perks to it. 

Nuts and dried fruits used on the topping are a source of healthy fats and proteins and lower inflammation in the body and the risk of cardiac diseases. 

Saffron and cardamom are powerful spices used in sohan halwa for their flavoring. They are potent antioxidants consisting of anti-inflammatory properties which aid in many health conditions and help in immunity. 

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