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A study of Energy: An Introduction to Understanding Your Subconscious

A study of Energy: An Introduction to Understanding Your Subconscious

Yoga, meditations, group therapies, tarots, crystals, sage, rituals, séances, chanting, and Sufi music are all tools to understand energy. None of these, in fact, are spiritual healing.

The soul ventures far away from our core when we continue to dwell more and more in the world. The subconscious mind programmed since childhood has been tailored to be attracted to this world & its hollow alluring 'charms' that engulf us like quicksand.

The specific thought processes that are initiated when the soul is disgusted and depleted with the cycle we have been taught to know as 'life' is, in fact, the beginning of your soul trying to find its way back to your being.

The seemingly sad truth is nobody can do that for you. Every awakening is different. You can go to all the 'social spirituality groups', you can find and have a good time. It is not healing. A tip for every soul in search of itself, the only way you can connect to your soul is when you will be comfortable being alone.

A small word of advice before I proceed any further; any spiritual exercise which is being conducted in a group, be it simple breathing without grounding, is like venturing into the cold without warm clothes.

Our eagerness and 'fed up' state of soul compels us to latch onto anybody offering even a temporary sanctuary. There are no shortcuts to healing, and there is no spiritual savior. It is your soul finding its way back to you, and only you can help it.

The Surprising Source Of Mental Health Problems…Is In Your Hands

Nowadays, the foremost problem that is stopping us from regaining control of our minds might be in the palm of your hand right now. The smartphone. An invention that has taken the world by storm and redefined technology. The world is in the palm of your hand. There is a flip side, though, which shall be discussed in today’s writing. However, even though it may seem like a necessary evil, it is an evil nonetheless.

The digital world has created a multitude of mental health problems. The human the thinking process is governed by two dominant processes, the active mind and the subconscious mind.

mental health

An escape from ‘thoughts’ in general, or be it worry about finance, trouble with the spouse, or anything the mind wishes to ignore, is now easier than it has ever been. Our smartphones hold a digital realm within. Social media applications in these phones are devised to capture human interest. 

It is mass hypnosis, and everybody you see is hooked. Average screen times skyrocket day by day. We have become obsessed with occupying the mind continuously and the ways it affects our life, in general, remains obscure.

We have heard the term ‘deep thinking’ all throughout our lives. I would want the reader to think about when the last time they sat down and thought about something in detail was? All deductive, detailed patterns of thinking originate with the ability to still the mind to a point where the subconscious does not affect that thought or task.

What Subsconcious Actually Is?

To further clarify, we must think of the subconscious as a sack. If one is to walk from point A to point B without any added weight, the speed would be relatively fast. If the same person were to lug a heavily weighted sack along the way and walk the same distance again, his speed would be compromised, and the task would become labor.

Now to understand, replicate the walk with a normal thinking process and remember that we have already assumed the subconscious as the weighted sack. The more the baggage in the sack (subconscious), be it guilt, shame, trauma, or any dominant emotion, the harder the walk (thinking task) will be.

Smartphones provide instant relief from whatever thought is persisting. We open a social media application and instantly get consumed by it. Whatever is in the subconscious remains there and gets stowed away deeper and deeper in the ‘sack.’ 

This is a matter that must be understood in deep detail.

Our thoughts genetically stem from fear. Due to the evolutionary process mankind has undergone, our brain is rigged purely and solely for survival. Everything we approach or wish to incorporate into our lives, be it a relationship or a new job, a need, or a wish, will be from a place of being fearful. Furthermore, anything that directly conflicts with what our ego projects as good or important for us create a mental ‘itch.’

mental health care

We see people dwell in depression just because of a relationship going bad. They tend to ignore red flags related to their mental health and still cling on to bonds long broken. Unrealistic life goals are set because social constellations haunt individuals all throughout life.

Understand Yourself

The need for every individual, if they choose to recognize it or not, is to understand their own selves and what is going on in their subconscious mind. These are the defining factors that control the various aspects of their lives. Incorporating solution-oriented thought patterns is a tedious and meticulous task.

The more we indulge in screen time, the thoughts already embedded in the subconscious get pushed back further. The ‘sack’ gets heavier and heavier until depression and anxiety set in. 

Social media is a form of mass manipulation. Now when artificial intelligence is merging with web application developers, the hypnotic pull will certainly become stronger, and detaching ourselves from this virtual world shall become more difficult.

You Can Train Your Mind To Be Stronger

The good news is the mind is an organ that can be trained. It is like a computer and can be programmed. How do you think the navy seals do unbelievable feats of physical training? How do they achieve top-level physical fitness?

They train their minds to be above the physical threshold that is normally accepted. The regime they are put through is only doable because, first, their mind is molded in a specific way. They achieve the task first in their mind and then go about performing it. That is the way all special forces train, and that is their defining trait.

The existence of such individuals is a tribute to the amazing feats that the human mind can achieve. I pause and give you food for thought here. If the mind can achieve these seemingly impossible feats, can it not curb a simple repeated toxic pattern that induces depression? Well, it can. It is certainly capable, but it must be trained to do so.

How To Train Yourself To Be Mentally Fit

Start the process of detachment from all that occupies your mind. Start with the most obvious, your cell phone. Every day make a routine; when you enter your room/ sleeping quarters at night, turn your phone on silent and put it away from yourself.

The ‘taming ‘of your mind is no simple process. You must have an abundant reservoir of patience. Start off with sitting and focusing on your breathing away from your phone for just 15 minutes. Please use an analog watch for this. If you keep glancing at your phone every five minutes, that shall beat the purpose of the whole exercise.

mental health

Energy is measured in different frequencies. (I shall discuss that in detail in my other writings). Here we must understand that our cell phones also operate at a certain frequency. They emit and receive signals attuned to various frequencies that enable communication.

Our body, too, is a transmitter and holder of energies. When we remove the phone from our energy field, it is easier to re-set the natural order of our body’s energy. 

To sum up this small exercise, we are gradually tapering off the addiction, the escape or distraction that has crept up in our lives unknowingly. Sitting still, reflecting on issues that present themselves, and being able to think analytically without being affected by them is the aim of this practice.

Use This Simple Breathing Exercise To Resist Social Media Temptation

Distraction is not a solution. The respite we seek when subjected to different challenges life throws at us must be sorted out. The mind must be capable of absorbing pressure, thinking under unfavorable circumstances, and changing the scene into something that works for you. 

Try not to fidget; just focus on your breathing. 15, 20 deep breaths will certainly relax you mentally. This shall enable you to discover what is going on in your mind. Our own selves must gauge the success of this exercise. Any thought or notion, or issue that bothers that has arisen or shown itself during the beginning of this task or something that you are going through currently may present itself firstly as severely entangled and difficult to comprehend.


As your mind regains its analytical ability by this small exercise, the problem's magnitude or intensity will start to lessen. Your own mind and subconscious shall present an alternative angle on it. This is the beginning of your mind beginning to work for you!

The purpose of these writings is to make the reader understand how to understand the passive mind. I advise the reader to begin this practice with 15 minutes and see how it goes. The aim is to extend this exercise to 40 mins. That is the mark to aim for. It may take weeks, or some may be able to achieve it in days. Everybody has different concentration spans. 

Again, the purpose is to still our minds to the point of being comfortable with our own self. Once this 40 mins mark is achieved, we will be ready for the next step, reprogramming the subconscious to help regain control of our lives and being able to manifest our heart’s desire which shall be explained in my further writings.

Author | Syed Ammar Shah

Mind Science Practitioner | Energy Healer

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