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BCAA Powder

Superior 14 BCAA powder is a formulated supplement with the blend of 3 branched chain amino acids out of 9 essential amino acids. These branched chain amino acids are leucine, iso-leucine and valine, which will help you in the building of lean muscle, recovery and growth of muscles. BCAA supplements are popular among athletes and bodybuilders because of its muscle gaining property and it helps to improve the endurance levels during heavy athletic performances and workouts. It will aid you in cell retrieval and delay the fatigue and soreness of muscles. 

    Key Points of Superior 14 BCAA Powder

    • 5g of BCAAs will help you in the synthesis of protein which will further aid in preventing the fatigue and tenderness of muscles.
    • 2500 mg of leucine, 1250 mg of iso-leucine and 1250 mg of valine will help you in achieving the lean muscular look and they will provide you with increased levels of energy so you can achieve your exercise and fitness goals. These BCAAs will help you in faster recovery of cells and muscles to increase muscle mass.

    Flavors of BCAA Powder

    We are offering you with the delightful and best BCAA supplements flavors:

    • Green Apple BCAA
    • Lemon BCAA
    • Cola BCAA
    • Mojito BCAA

    How to Use Superior 14 BCAA Powder

    The suggested use of BCAA superior 14 is:

    • Add 1 serving scoop in 250ml water or any choice of drink.
    • Shake the drink well for 30-40 seconds.
    • You can consume it in pre, intra or post workout.

      BCAA Powder Price in Pakistan

      The price of BCAA superior 14 powder is at a reasonable and affordable cost. To get more information about this product, you can visit our website, or stores located at different cities in Pakistan. Or you can call us at 0333-5695695 to get the details.

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