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Premium Collagen by Superior 14

Everyone wants vigorous appearances with fresh looking skin and healthy hair. It will benefit your skin health, give strength to your bones, and ease your joint pains. Supplements of collagen will increase your gut health.  Premium Collagen is a flavored collagen drink with added fiber, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and digestive enzymes, all in an almost calorie-free supplement. It is formulated with a number of ingredients that gives you various health benefits.

    Key points of Premium Collagen

    • 6000 mg of collagen in one serving will give you the health of skin, hair, and bones.
    • 750 mg of glutamine will aid in the biosynthesis of collagen in the body. so glutamine helps in the better utilization of collagen supplements. 
    • 900 mg of BCAAs will assist your body in maintaining healthy nails, hair, and skin.
    • 37.5 mg of Hyaluronic acid will help you in tissue repair, wound healing, and in joint health.

    Benefits of Using Collagen Powder

    Collagen supplement benefits are as under:

    • Collagen supplements provide skin hydration.
    • It prevents wrinkles and brittle skin.
    • It slows your aging and will provide firmness and elasticity.
    • It makes your bones much denser and stronger.
    • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
    • Collagen helps in preventing hair loss and thinning of hair.
    • It provides you with healthier and strong nails.
    • It helps you in muscle mass gain and strength.

    Flavors of Premium Collagen Powder

    We are presenting you with the tasteful flavors of collagen powder:

    • Green apple flavor
    • Peach flavor
    • Bubble gum flavor

    How to Use?

    • Add 1 scoop (15g) in 250ml of cold water.
    • Shake the mixture well for 30-40 seconds.
    • Consume it at any time of the day.

    Collagen Powder Price in Pakistan

    We are offering you the finest quality collagen powder in Pakistan at an affordable cost. To get more information about this product, you can visit our website or stores located in different cities in Pakistan. Or you can call us at (051) 111 522 533 to get the details.

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