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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!


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Core Champs Creatine Supplement

Core champs creatine is a genuine, bland, and flavorless creatine supplement with no added ingredients or extra fillers. Creatine is an amino acid that is stored in the cells of muscles if we talk about the natural creatine present in the body. The main role of creatine is to provide energy and enhances athletic performance. It also tends to stimulate the growth of muscle mass.

    Creatine Supplement Benefits

    • Increases your energy levels by adding creatine to your routine.
    • Creatine stimulates the growth of lean muscle mass.
    • Provides a quick burst and improves your high energy workouts.
    • Aid the recovery processes in your body after heavy exercises.
    • Helps in tolerating heavy weight lifting.
    • Fights the risk of many neurological diseases including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.
    • Creatine supplements help in maintaining the health of the brain.
    • It fights off diabetes and low sugar levels.
    • Prevents and lowers the risk of injury.
    • Reduce fatigue and tiredness.

    Ingredients of Core Champs Creatine

    Core champs creatine supplement consists of 5000 mg of creatine monohydrate. Creatine monohydrate is a perfect ingredient for your high-intensity workouts because it is formed with water molecules and creatine. The water molecules improve the water content in the cells of your muscles thus becoming a perfect creatine supplement for your workouts.

      How Creatine Supplement Work

      Creatine supplement enhances the storage of phosphocreatine, which stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate. Moreover, creatine has a major role in converting ADP into ATP which maximizes your workout performance.

          How to Use Creatine Supplement?

          • Add one scoop of creatine powder to 1 glass of water.
          • Shake the mixture well.
          • Consume it 30 minutes before or after your workout.
          • Creatine supplements are mostly dissolvable with water. However, you can mix it with your favorite shake too.

          Warning and Directions

          Creatine is naturally present in our bodies. So taking additional creatine supplements is totally safe for the majority of people. But if you have a certain medical condition or any renal disorder, then consult with your healthcare provider or physician before taking creatine supplements. Drug-nutrient interaction can happen or worsen your condition in case of any disorder. 

          Creatine Supplement in Pakistan

          Jacked nutrition is offering core champs creatine and other creatine supplements in Pakistan. Therefore, anyone can shape up his or her workout performance with improved energy levels and get maximum recovery after exercise intervals.

          Creatine Supplement Price in Pakistan

          Jacked nutrition presents you with creatine supplements that will benefit you in many ways. We offers creatine supplement price in Pakistan so everyone can achieve their health goals. You can order it online or visit our stores that are located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad. If you have any queries or want to get further information about this product, then visit our website or call us at (051) 111 522 533.

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