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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!
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Size: 5 Lbs
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BPI Sports is a company that offers high-quality sports nutrition and supplements at an affordable price. The ISO HD by BPI Sports is now available in Pakistan via Jacked Nutrition.

ISO HD is a whey isolate protein by BPI Sports. The isolated protein is the purest form of protein which, after processing, is wholly isolated from fat, lactose, and gluten. As a result, the consumer not only achieves a higher protein level but also digests faster than the standard whey protein. It enables the consumer to have better functioning, higher energy levels, a leaner body, and stronger muscle-building.

Moreover, each scoop contains the richness of 25g of 100% pure whey protein isolate, 4g of carbs, and 1g of sugar and allows the consumer to build muscle and recover them rapidly.

Every bottle is carefully checked and inspected by a third-party lab to ensure the authenticity and transparency of the product.

    Benefits of BPI ISO HD

    The BPI ISO HD is a whey protein isolate which is the purest form of protein and works as the best post-workout supplement to full fill your body with right kind of nutrition and maximize muscle growth. But some of its benefits are mentioned as follows:


    The Whey protein acts as a potent muscle-building agent. As it not only provides the purest form of protein but also consists of amino acids such as glutamine, leucine, and cysteine. Containing all the essential amino acids, the BPI ISO HD helps in muscle building and muscle repairing, reduces tissue damage, and maintains muscle mass.


    The ISO HD contains the branched-chain Amino Acid (BCAA), which is a complete source of protein, allowing to build and repair of the muscle. In addition, when the Whey Isolate Protein is consumed after a workout, it facilitates recovery by increasing protein synthesis.

    Weight Loss

    Considering diet, exercise, and gym, it is pretty often stated that when one wants to lose weight, one must increase their protein ratio. Hence, incorporating ISO HD in one's diet allows the body to stay full for longer hours, reduces cravings and excessive calorie consumption, and all of it ultimately results in weight loss. Furthermore, the ISO HD is a low-calorie formula containing low carbs and zero sugar and is also gluten-free.


    The ISO HD protein powder is vigilantly formulated to ensure only the best product is delivered to the consumers. The entire processing and testing are done to ensure the quality of the product and to provide only the best to the consumers.

    Directions to use BPI Sports ISO HD

    The recommended way to use ISO HD is to mix one scoop into 5-6 ounces of cold water or any other drink and consume it shortly after the workout. It can also be taken any other time for muscle building and recovery.

    BPI SPORTS ISO HD price in Pakistan

    The ISO HD protein powder is available in Pakistan from Rs. 19,450.00 per 5Lbs package and has delicious flavors such as chocolate brownie, cookies & cream, and vanilla cream.

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