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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!


by Jym
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JYM Vita Multivitamin: 

An exclusive multivitamin supplement that also consists of an adequate amount and the right ratio of minerals. JYM vita multivitamins are high-quality tablets, distinctively formulated for athletes’ men and women who hit the gym more frequently. Multi-vita tablets ensure proper well-being, growth, and sports performance.  It includes the combined proportions of micronutrients and other blended ingredients that catalyze the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body. 

Ingredients of JYM Vita: 

JYM tablets contain a number of multivitamins and multi-minerals.

1. Vitamin A, C, and E: 

3000 mcg of vitamin A, 250 mg of vitamin C, and 269 mg of vitamin E act as potent antioxidants that neutralize free radicals’ effects as they have radical scavenging properties. 

2. Vitamin B1: 

250 mg of thiamine helps in converting carbohydrates into energy that is used during workout sessions.  

3. Vitamin B2: 

100 mg of riboflavin helps in delaying fatigue and improves endurance levels.

4. Vitamin B3:

100 mg of Niacin helps in energy production and in the preservation of glycogen stores which are later used to fuel the workout. 

5. Vitamin B6:

100 mg of vitamin B6 provides resistance to stress and helps in energy metabolism.

6. Folate: 

400 mcg of folate helps in the repair of damaged tissues and cells. It also has a vital role in developing new cells. 

7. Vitamin B12:

500 mcg regulates energy metabolism. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause pernicious anemia. 

8. Biotin: 

300 mcg of biotin is a component in gluconeogenesis and is used for the synthesis of fatty acids. 

9. Pantothenic acid:

100 mg of vitamin B5 boosts sports performance and helps in recovery. 

10. Iron: 

18 mg of iron has its role in the transport of oxygen, maintaining acid-base balance, and regulating energy metabolism.

11. Iodine:

150 mcg of iodine supports the optimal energy-yielding mechanism and ensures a good quality workout. 

12. Selenium:

200 mcg of selenium protects the cell from oxidative stress that can be a result of high-intensity exercises. 

What are the Benefits to Take Vita Multivitamins? 

During training sessions, your body suffers major losses of multiple minerals and vitamins through sweating. And maintain a proper balance of micronutrients is crucial because they are needed to maintain energy levels, aid post-workout recovery, and stimulate the synthesis of proteins. 

JYM multi-vita tablets are specifically designed to get high levels of micronutrients and maintain the optimal RDA. 

Directions to use: 

Take 2 tablets preferably with a meal, at the same time daily. 

Vita Multivitamin Price in Pakistan:

jacked nutrition offers JYM vita multivitamin tablets all over Pakistan to ensure optimal nutrition. We are offering this high-quality product at an affordable price. For more information, visit our stores or check out our website. 

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