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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!


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Size: 30 Serv
Style: Thaian Blood Orange

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KL Anabolic LEAA 9 

An anabolic supplement protects the muscle tissues against the damage during a heavy workouts, and assists in the regeneration of tissues. Moreover, it aids in the synthesis of protein and prevents the breakdown as it includesall the essential amino acids (EAAs). These amino acids act as the building units of proteins and provide maximum benefits . It also helps the body to speed up recovery in post performances.


    2400 mg of Leucine

    It is an essential amino acid that stimulates muscle building process. It also assists in the protein synthesis and lowers the rate of protein breakdown.

    600 mg of Isoleucine

    This essential amino acid regulates the energy levels and blood glucose levels during workouts.

    600 g of Valine

    It repairs the tissue and enhances growth of muscles.

    545 mg of Lysine

    It builds the protein and helps the body in increasing the activity levels. It also lowers fatigue and muscle soreness.

    530 mg of Threonine

    It is also an essential amino acid which acts as a substrate for protein synthesis.

    390 g of Phenylalanine

    During intensive exercises, this essential amino acid increases the levels of fat burning in the body.

    345 mg of Methionine

    This is also considered an essential amino acid which provides strength and volume to the bones and aids in the improvement of activity levels during intensive workouts.

    85g of Histidine

    Carnosine, a protein formed from beta alanine and histidine act as a buffer and protect the muscle tissue from acidosis and regulate their pH levels.

    50 mg of Tryptophan

    This EAA helps in the production of serotonin which is well known for suppressing the pain of intensive workouts. It also enhances the pain tolerance.

      Anabolic LEAA 9 Flavors

      You can purchase anabolic LEEA 9 in Thaian blood orange & Sour watermelon flavors.

      Directions to Use of Anabolic LEAA 9 

      • Mix 2 scoops (8g) powder into 250ml of water.
      • Drink 1 portion before, during or after training.

        Anabolic LEAA 9 Price in Pakistan

        Jacked Nutrition is offering you Kevin Levnore’s anabolic LEAA supplement in Pakistan at an affordable price. For any further information about this product, you can check details at our website or visit our stores in Pakistan. Or you can call us at (051) 111 522 533 to get the details. 

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