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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!
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Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Ripped Product Description

Nitro tech ripped is one of the most sought products of Muscle Tech company by Lovate Health Sciences, USA. Inc. It is one of the best whey isolate and peptide powders available in Pakistan. The supplement’s key function is to aid people with their weight loss goals while allowing their muscles to remain healthy and strong.

The Muscle Tech Nitro-tech ripped protein is one of the best formulas in the market that helps reduce weight and is perfect for anyone, whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who wants to remain fit and healthy. The best thing is that it is available in the latest packaging too. 

Muscle-Tech Whey Isolate Protein Ingredients

30g Protein per scoop

  • Each serving of the nitro-tech ripped protein contains 30 grams of protein which aids your daily protein needs. It allows your body muscles to recover at their earliest while also enhancing the digestibility and mixability of the supplement with other ingredients. 

500mg of L-Carnitine, L-Tartrate

  • Each serving of the Nitrotech ripped protein contains 500mg of L-CARNITINE, L-TARTRATE, which are amino acids that allow better energy levels through the transportation of fatty acids. The L-Carnitine transports stored fat to mitochondria where it is used as a source of energy and allows fat loss.

250mg CLA per scoop

  • Each serving of the Nitro-ripped protein contains 250mg of CLA, which helps reduce body fat deposits and enhance better immune function. It is an omega-6 fatty acid and is used as a supplement for weight loss. There are no hidden ingredients in the formula, all are mentioned on the package label.

200mg C-Canephora Robusta

  • Each serving of the Nitro-ripped Protein contains 200mg of C-Canephora Robusta. The CR is the coffee extract that is supplied with Chlorogenic acid. The acid is a key component in the supplement and is is polyphenol and the ester of caffeic acid which helps with weight loss in individuals. It also helps to elevate mood, and lower blood sugar and infections. 

Nitro-ripped Multi-phase Filtration Technology

The Nitro tech-ripped whey protein weight loss supplement is filtered using the Multi-phase filtration technology that removes fat, bacteria, and other impurities from the liquid whey.

Muscle-Tech Nitro-tech ripped standards.

The Nitro-tech ripped is produced in accordance with the c-GMP standards that certify the product’s quality and integrity.

Direction – How to drink nitro tech ripped?

To get the best of the Nitro-tech ripped isolate protein, use it as per instructions.

  • Add one serving (1 rounded scoop) in half glass of water or skimmed milk (8 oz).
  • Once you add the powder, mix well in a shaker
  • Shake for at least 30 to 40 seconds
  • You can also add nuts, ice cream, or peanut butter

When should we use nitro tech?

Use the nitro-tech ripped with the instructions below for maximum results:

  • Consume the Nitro-Tech Ripped protein shake 30 to 40 minutes before your two large meals of the day.

Does Nitro-tech ripped work?

The nitro-tech ripped has proven to work, and it has an effective way to help people with their weight loss. Additionally, due to its benefits, it is a step ahead of the competition.

  • It has a key ingredient C. Canephora Robusta which has been proven in studies to help reduce weight.
  • Subjects lost an average of 10.95 Ibs versus the 5.4 Ibs for the placebo following calorie deficit group within 60 days.
  • Subjects lost 3.7 Ibs versus 1.25Ibs for the placebo group following a calorie deficit diet for 8 weeks

Benefits of Nitro-Tech Ripped

  • No underdose key ingredients
  • No filers
  • No proprietary blends
  • No banned substances
  • 30g of protein per serving that helps lean muscle building
  • Fat loss formula that helps weight loss but keeps muscles maintained

Nitro-Tech Ripped price in Pakistan

The nitro-tech ripped price in Pakistan depends on many factors. For more information, visit our website or call us at 0333-5695695. You can also visit one of our supplement stores in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, or Faisalabad.

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