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  • Serious Mass is an extremely high protein weight-gaining powder.   The 1250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein will help you in strong muscle growth and recovery. One of the best things about serious mass is that it is an instant maker and takes 35 seconds max to be ready to drink. If you have just started working out and spend wee hours at your gym trying to reach the body goals you have set for yourself then this is something that will help you achieve them. Not only just for beginners but it is also going to help the trainers, workout junkies, and professional athletes who are fitness-obsessed and want to look their best.  According to the research the mixture should be used after a long workout session to help your muscles get a little relaxed and can also be used between prominent meals to assist better muscle growth. The packaging looks pretty strong and heavy so you won’t have to worry about keeping it safe because most of the supplements are weather sensitive.
    On another note, this product is manufactured by one of the most trusted companies globally i.e. Optimum Nutrition. It started functioning in 1986 and since then it is liked and trusted by millions of people who are passionate about taking care of their bodies. The presence of Creatine and Glutamine helps to make the muscle recovery process faster and better without any side effects.

  • Add a scoop or two in water and blend it properly.
    (Can also use Milk instead of water)

  • Before using any supplement it is important you consult your nutritionist first. Supplements normally create problems like a bloated stomach so in order to stay away from this make sure you ask your doctor/nutritionist about the quantity

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Muhammad Shahood

100% original.

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