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100% Authenticity Guaranteed | For Orders Call 03335695695
100% Authenticity Guaranteed | For Orders Call 03335695695

Peanut Butter - 100% Organic - Variety of Flavors

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Size: 500 Gram
Style: Honey

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Peanut Butter

Jacked Nutrition presents to you the smooth and crunchiest Organic peanut butter in Pakistan. The company has been in the business of bringing delicious delights to health freaks. Now you can enjoy snacking without any guilt.

Peanut butter is an organic, preservative-free spread. It is healthy and perfect for anyone to consume. The peanut butter does not contain any added salts or hydrogenated oils hence is the safest spread for your snacking!

How does Jacked Nutrition Organic peanut butter stand out?

Most peanut butter spreads come with additives or harmful preservatives that are not good for the health. Jacked Nutrition Organic Peanut Butter stands to change this as the spread contains no preservatives and is ideal for long-term consumption. It is perfect for health freaks as well as children who want to enjoy a little snack time!

Nutritional Facts

Our Jacked Nutrition Peanut Butter comes from one of the best-grounded peanuts that are roasted with perfection.

  • All organic
  • High protein
  • Healthy
  • Complete nutritional profile

Great Things About The New Peanut Butter

  • No Hydrogenated Oils No need to worry about chemicals or trans-fats.
  • Preservatives free There are no preservatives in the product!
  • Super-nutritious snack Contains all the necessary and adequate amount of all essential nutrients
  • Gluten-Free It is ideal for consumers who want gluten-free products
  • 100% Non-GMO All organic and not derived from genetically modified organisms

All-Natural Peanut Butter Benefits

  • It gives the body healthy fats and has omega-6 acids
  • It Will help to fast-track your weight loss as it aids in weight management
  • You will feel energized all-day
  • Enhance your workout as it promotes muscle growth
  • Peanut butter promotes heart health by lowering cholesterol levels
  • It is your go-to snack during a tough diet giving you a cheat day feel without the guilt

How to consume 

  • You can add organic peanut butter to a sandwich and add jelly with it. Use a whole fruit or whole-grain bread for maximum deliciousness
  • Scoop out the natural peanut butter and put it on your rice cakes. Add banana slices for a great snacking experience
  • Add a wholesome tablespoon of peanut butter to any smoothies you have pre or post-workout
  • Cut your apples into thin slices and dip them in your peanut butter spread for a healthy snack
  • Add peanut butter to your morning yogurt bowl to kickstart your day with the right energy

Things to note about Jacked Nutrition Peanut Butter

Jacked Nutrition peanut butter is ideal for your consumption:

  • Oil separation is a natural process, stir well before use together with the confidence of knowing your peanut contains no stabilizers or fillers.
  • Use within three months

Flavors of Peanut Butter in Pakistan

Now you can grab your best peanut butter for a delicious snack in a variety of flavors.

  • Original One of the most delicious peanut butter flavors you can add to your toast for a snack time with your friend
  • Honey Make your breakfasts even more exciting with peanut butter honey flavor in your morning yogurt bowl
  • Cookies and cream Peanut butter cookies and cream is the perfect flavor for your children, especially after a long day at school
  • Protein Peanut Butter Protein is perfect for gym freaks who want to up their protein intake to build muscle mass

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Naveed Javaid
Peanut butter

Excellent and tasty peanut butter

Umair Riaz
Five Stars

Now this protein butter and it’s packing can compete with Internationals brands, absolutely proud of the great work which has been put by a Pakistani Brand!,,

Fahad Faisal
Protein Peanut Butter

The taste was good. Those who have eaten other protein peanut butter brands will definitely like it.


Tastes wonderful. 10/10

Sobaan Hashmi

Peanut Butter - 100% Organic - Variety of Flavors

Mohammad Rizwan
Greatest of All Time

The improvement is unimaginable , the amount of hardwork put in to make the new airtight container is great which keeps the taste longlastingly crunchier and fresh

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