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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!

PS Hyde Max Pump

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PS Hyde Max Pump

Hyde max pump is a Pro Supps' pre-workout powder designed to give gym time an extra flair and get its consumers motivated and pumped. It is a stim-free pre-workout powder, which means it does not contain any caffeine stimulants and prevents caffeine-induced jitters.

PEAK POWER POTENTIAL: Boost your overall energy and strength to achieve maximum power.

LONGER GYM TIME: No more tapping out, work your muscles to the max with boosted endurance.

INCREASED BLOOD FLOW: Pump your muscles to the most and feel the burn!

BETTER FOCUS: Ingredients like TeaCrine and Nitrosigine increase vascularity hence improving focus.

    Hyde Pre-Workout Benefits

    Hyde Pre-Workout is formulated to provide rapid yet sustained energy to increase overall vitality and strength by boosting anaerobic peak strength, which also improves your stamina to let you hit the gym for a longer time. Other benefits include:

    • Enhanced muscle strength
    • Rapid released and sustained energy due to ingredients like Creatine HCI
    • Peak performance and results
    • Increases hydration that helps avoid cramping muscles
    • A lack of stimulants prevents jitters and increases focus



    Increases oxygen and nutrient delivery in your muscles. It pushes a lot of oxygen into your cells, which gives your muscles a good pump, decreases blood pressure, boosts immunity, and boosts workout time so you can keep on grinding!


    Increases your strength and manages the pH of the muscle cells. It focuses on improving strength in endurance by supporting your oxygen level. It is the most basic and essential ingredient in any pre-workout supplement.

    Creatine HCI

    It is an upgraded version of Creatine that is fast absorbing and decreases bloating in your body, giving a dense look to your muscles.

    Arginine Nitrate

    This ingredient provides a pump to the body by dilating blood vessels and rushing oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. It assists in rebuilding torn-down muscle fibers. This ingredient will let you hit the gym faster and make you feel less sore.

    Since PS Hyde contains premium and science-backed ingredients which makes it stands out among all the pre-workouts available in the market these days.

      Hyde Pre-Workout Price In Pakistan

      Brought by Pro Supps, it is the most high-quality pre-workout powder available in Pakistan. Jacked Fitness provides the best pre-workout supplements and maintains fair and competitive pricing. To get more details, check out their website!

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