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RC King Mass

Ronnie Coleman’s signature series king mass is an advanced, most effective, and high-caloric supplement that delivers 510 kcal in just two scoops. Moreover, RC king mass fills your muscles with high content of protein, healthy carbs, and an adequate amount of micro-nutrients. It is a perfect, high-quality supplement for weight gainers as it is formulated in a way to help them gain mass and achieve their nutritional goals.

    Ingredients of King Mass

    High Protein Content

    King mass provides 30g of protein in two scoops of one serving which is more than enough to get the job done. The high-quality protein ratio added to this product helps stimulate and maintain lean muscle mass growth.

    High Ratio of Crabs

    It contains a high ratio of healthy total carbs that is 92g in 2 scoops. This elevated ratio helps in increasing energy levels and in the storage of glycogen in your muscles, which will come in handy in your next intense workout.


    Calcium is beneficial in maintaining blood sugar levels, and blood pressure, promoting the clotting of blood, and helping your muscles contract. The adequate ratio of 193mg of calcium performs these functions in a positive way.


    Iron has a major role in energy metabolism, acid-base balance, and the transport of oxygen throughout the body, thus becoming an important micro-nutrient to add to the king mass supplement. 1g of added iron has a positive and productive effect on your body.

    Sodium and Potassium

    60mg of sodium and 532mg of potassium are two essential electrolytes that maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. Sodium and potassium have a major positive influence on intravascular osmotic pressure and on blood plasma volume.

    Benefits of RC King Mass

    King mass by RC has a lot of potential benefits to start with. This supplement helps in accelerating your lean muscle growth. Furthermore, the blend of high-quality and superior ingredients supports and enhances the rate of recovery after a good intense workout.

      Ronnie Coleman King Mass Flavors

      RC King mass supplement is available in 4 different types of tasty and delicious flavors that will shake up your workout routine.

      • Dark chocolate
      • Cream and cookies
      • Vanilla ice-cream
      • Milkshake

      King Mass Price in Pakistan

      Jacked nutrition is presenting you with Ronnie Coleman’s most effective mass gainer supplement, king mass that will solve your problems. We are offering the best king mass price in Pakistan so everyone can accelerate his or her journey of mass gain. Order premium quality RC king mass online or visit out stores that are located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad. If you have any queries please call us at 03335695695.

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