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Superior 14 Ripped Whey Protein 

Superior 14 ripped whey protein is an advanced formulation to ramp up your performance. It is a highly customized whey protein formula to help you achieve your body fitness goals by shredding extra fat and letting you get the most out of every active moment. It is a low-calorie, and the low-carb formula with added Green Tea, CLA, and L Carnitine to boost your metabolism to the next level. It's important to fuel your muscles with high-quality protein when you want to lose body fat and develop lean muscles to show off your arduous work in the gym. It is an absolute whey protein with a weight-loss formula available for those who refuse to accept the status quo.

    Key Features of Superior 14 Ripped Whey

    • 30g of protein increases muscle mass and aid in the muscle recovery post-workout
    • 250mg of CLA also known as an omega-6 fatty acid reduces body fat deposition and improves immune functions
    • 500mg of L Carnitine L Tartrate transports stored fat to mitochondria, where it is used as a source of energy. Hence, it improves energy levels and promotes fat loss
    • 100mg of Rose Hip decreases abdominal fat and acts as an antioxidant that regulates fat metabolism and prevents weight gain
    • 100mg of Green Tea enriched with caffeine and catechins increases thermogenesis and promotes weight loss
    • 200mg of Green Coffee Beans contains active ingredients like caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Caffeine increases metabolic rate and reduces appetite, whereas  chlorogenic acid improves obesity-related hormones and increases fat metabolism

    Flavors Available In Ripped Whey Protein

    Superior 14 Ripped Whey is available in the most delicious tasting flavors with great mixability.

    • Ripped whey banana
    • Ripped whey strawberry
    • Ripped whey chocolate

    How To Use Ripped Whey Protein?

    To get all the benefits of ripped whey protein, use it as per the instructions.

    • Add 1 scoop (43g) in 250ml of water or skimmed milk
    • Add the powder to the shaker bottle and shake well
    • To prepare your favorite protein shake, mix well for 30-40 seconds

    When Should You Use Superior 14 Ripped Whey?

    It is often recommended by fitness enthusiasts to consume protein powder supplements within 15 to 60 minutes after a workout. This time period is known as the anabolic window, which is an ideal time for maximum nutrient absorption in the muscles.

      Ripped Whey Protein Price in Pakistan

      Ripped whey protein prices in Pakistan may vary on multiple factors. To get all the information about the product, you can visit our stores located in different areas of Pakistan. You can also visit our website or call us at (051) 111 522 533 to check the availability of your favorite supplement.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews

      not great taste. Just ok.

      Good product

      Pleasant aroma and premium taste of this product. I like it But I have also tasted ON gold standard, both are similar. Cant say much about the results because I am still using this product.

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