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Vitamitic Multivitamin

Vitamitic multivitamin is an affordable, high-quality, highly Effective, convenient multivitamin for men & women in Pakistan that contains all the nutrients you will ever need!

With a busy and hectic daily schedule, it can be difficult to keep health top of mind. Fortunately, a daily Vitamitic multivitamin tablet can pack a full day’s worth of micronutrients into a small tablet. Many people in Pakistan find it difficult to eat a balanced diet with the recommended quantities of fruits and vegetables every day.

By supplementing your diet with Vitamitic Multivitamins, you can close nutritional gaps in your body by providing all the essential micronutrients you need to support your overall health.

    Benefits of Vitamitic multivitamin tablets

    We formulated the Vitamitic multivitamin tablets to include nutrients that are most commonly missing from people's diets. It will help boost immunity, improve heart health, and aid in better overall micronutrient absorption by the body. The end result is a nutrient complex that is indistinguishable from other multivitamins available on the market!

    Antioxidants to Boost Immunity and Improve Skin Health

    Vitamin C

    Vitamitic contains essential nutrient Vitamin C which helps strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanism. It helps fight off infections by increasing the production of white blood cells; boosting immunity. In addition, it is known to reduce the risks of heart disease.

    Vitamin E

    Vitamitic contains the right amount of vitamin E to support the growth and repair of body tissues to give a youthful skin appearance. It helps with the production of antibodies during an inflammatory response.


    Vitamitic has selenium which is a key nutrient for the immune system because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that people with an adequate amount of selenium in their body are less prone to get viral diseases (such as Covid-19) because of its ability to fight off infections.

    Vitamin D, Flex, and Joint Complex

    Vitamitic also has joint complex (glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate) and flex complex (MSM, bromelain, and hyaluronic acid) that help in lubricating joints and cartilages for normal movement. These complexes also help prevent muscle soreness.  Vitamitic has a high content of Vitamin D that increases calcium absorption by our bones. It has minerals such as calcium, manganese, and copper all of which support bone and muscle health.

    Digestive Complex - Great for Digestive System

    Vitamitic is easily digested and absorbed by the body because of its digestive complexes such as methylated B vitamins and chelated minerals in doses studied to be most effective. It contains digestive enzymes and herbs that are easy on our gastrointestinal tract to promote motility and digestion. 

    Key Nutrients to Boost Energy and Support healthy heart

    It has Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12 all of which are water-soluble vitamins meaning they can be readily absorbed into our body to help clear harmful free radicals. It also has Vitamin K and magnesium to improve heart health by preventing blockage of the arteries and controlling blood pressure levels.

    Speeds up Metabolism

    Vitamitic contains another critical mineral called vanadium that is difficult to find in other multivitamins on the market. Vanadium not only supports bone development but also plays a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates. It increases the absorption of sugar in the muscles, therefore storing more energy within the muscles instead of storing it as fat.


    Best Multivitamin for Women

    Vitamitic is the best multivitamin for women as it contains iron and folic acid to support women's pre-menopause mechanisms. Both the nutrients are also essential for red blood cells, muscle metabolism, healthy connective tissue, hormone synthesis and hormonal balance. It also has Vitamin A which is a fat-soluble nutrient that is involved in reproduction and improved vision.

    Best Multivitamin for Men

    It has minerals like zinc and boron which makes it the best multivitamin for men as well. Zinc and boron help support healthy prostate function and boost testosterone levels. All in all, it is safe to say that Vitamitic multivitamin is an effective and a great option for all genders for optimal health and well-being!

    How to use Vitamitic multivitamin

    Vitamitic multivitamin contains 60 tablets per bottle. Take 2 tablets daily. To guarantee potency, the best time to take multivitamin tablets is in the morning with a meal.

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