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How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle

In today’s era, muscle building has become one of the top most priority for many athletes and individuals. Muscle building is a long and persistent process to attain the goals you have set for yourself. These standards cannot be met only by workouts or only by diet. These two factors have certain importance and are interlinked with each other for the gaining of muscles.

Jacked Nutrition is here to guide you in this scenario and tell you functional recommendations to carry out your ultimate muscle-building goals. By following a few useful tips, you can too add lean muscle and bulk to your body mass. But first, let us see the basics of muscle hypertrophy to understand the course of action of muscle building.

How to increase muscle mass fast?

The human body is in a non-stop continual cycle of protein synthesis, making amino acids and other proteins for the building of muscles. now, if the body’s net protein is balanced then no muscle gain happens. But if the body’s net protein balance is low, then you lose muscles. anyhow, if your body’s protein is retained more than it loses, then muscle growth happens.

Minimizing the breakdown of protein and improving the synthesis and deposition of protein is the key factor for muscle gaining. However, in medical terms, increasing the muscle rate is known as muscle hypertrophy and it can be accomplished by workouts and adequate dietary intake.

Tips to gain muscles

Now that we have learned the process of muscle hypertrophy take a look at a few following tips to gain strong muscle mass fast.

Pick your exercises smartly

To get strong muscles, choose the type of exercise which involves heavy weight lifting that will stimulate the process of muscle building by putting stress on the muscle tissues, breaking them down, and then triggering them to build more strength and bigger muscles.

Moreover, adding exercises to your lifestyle helps an individual with lowering his blood pressure, improving the health of the brain and heart, lowering cholesterol levels, and enhancing the strength and muscles in the body.

    Go for pre-workout/post-workout drinks

    Supplementing your training sessions with pre-workout or post-workout drinks can do wonders and miracles in enhancing your energy and endurance levels. With these drinks, you can train for more periods and become one step closer to your goals.

    Eat more calories

    Calculate your daily calorie needs and add 300 to 500 calories more to it without gaining excess fats in your body. This tip may work more efficiently if you keep a record of your dietary intake daily to see the results.

    Add proteins to your diet

    As we have known, protein plays an essential role in the hypertrophy of muscles. adding complete proteins to your diet increases muscle mass. For your convenience, you can achieve your protein requirements by adding protein powders to your diet.

    Eat wholegrain foods

    Refined and processed food items contain sugars, unhealthy trans fats, and other chemicals that can cause inflammation and slows down the process of muscle building by adding fats to your body. If you want to gain muscle mass fast, eat wholegrain foods.

    Avoid trans fats and add healthy fats

    Ban trans and unhealthy fats and add vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, salmon, fish, olive and sunflower oils, and other healthy fats in your diet because they support the gain of lean muscle mass in the body.

    Challenge yourself

    As mentioned above, one of the major factors in muscle building along with diet is proper training and weight lifting. Confront yourself with more challenges that will help you in enhancing your endurance levels to gain lean muscle mass.

    How quickly can I gain muscle?

    Muscle gaining is a long-termed commitment process and can only be achieved by proper dietary intake, good training techniques, and taking care of yourself. This process can vary from person to person depending on the goals they have set for themselves, but muscle building can take up to months and years of hard work. Once your body gets used to these dynamics, you will notice a dramatic and positive change in your appearance as you may gain up to 0.5 to 2 pounds in one month.

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