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butt karahi

A Bowl of Spicy Goodness: How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Butt Karahi

There's nothing quite like a steaming hot bowl of butt karahi to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. This spicy and flavorful dish is a favorite among foodies all over Pakistan, and for good reason — it's delicious! 

The Butt Karahi is typically made with chicken, mutton, or beef, along with a variety of spices and herbs. It's traditionally served with naan bread or rice, making it a filling and satisfying meal.

Now, onto the burning question!

How many calories are in a serving of butt karahi?

The number of calories in Butt Karahi can vary depending on the type of meat and the amount of oil used in the cooking process. However, on average the chicken karahi dish provides roughly 190 calories per 100-gram serving, with 4 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fat. 

On the other hand, mutton karahi has about 230 calories per 120-gram serving, with 5 grams of carbs, 14 grams of protein, and 17.5 grams of fat. 

The beef karahi dish contains approximately 200 calories per 100-gram serving, consisting of 11.7 grams of fat, 44.9 grams of carbs, and 19.68 grams of protein.

While Butt Karahi is undoubtedly delicious, it may not always be the healthiest option if you are watching your calorie intake. However, with a few simple tweaks, it can be a relatively healthy dish that still satisfies your taste buds.

Red Beans

One simple tip is to opt for leaner cuts of meat, such as chicken breast or beef sirloin, which can help lower the calorie count. Another way to reduce the calorie count is to use less oil when cooking, or to use healthier cooking oils such as olive or vegetable oil. 

In addition to reducing calorie intake, adding more nutrients to your Karahi is also important for a healthier meal. One great option is to pair it with grilled vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplant, or bell pepper, or with a fresh salad. These vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients, which can help you feel fuller for longer and more satisfied.

Another way to increase the nutrition content of your Karahi is to substitute cream or regular yogurt with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has less saturated fat, high in protein and calories than cream or regular yogurt while still providing a creamy texture to your curry.


It's natural to crave your favorite foods, but with the right ingredients and cooking techniques, you can make them much healthier without sacrificing taste. 

So next time you're yearning for a bowl of spicy goodness, don't hesitate to indulge in some homemade Karahi. Just remember to enjoy it in moderation and make healthy choices to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs.

Approved by Certified Dietitian

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