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Omega-3 Powerhouse: How Salmon Can Boost Your Health and Well-being

Omega-3 Powerhouse: How Salmon Can Boost Your Health and Well-being

Salmon is one of the best fish in terms of both nutrition and taste. Salmon fish loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins. Besides that, it is a good source of selenium which is an antioxidant and reduces stress. 

Nutritional properties salmon fish possess

Being jammed with almost all of the essential nutrients, salmon provides you various health benefits.

  • Promotes heart health

Salmon fish is rich in omega three fatty acids and thus promotes heart health and regulates blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Rich in high quality protein

Salmon fish contain very good quality protein with all the essential amino acids and is a great choice for those looking forward to keto diet or high protein diet.

  • A good source of vitamins

This fish is flooded with vitamin B=complex, A and D. 

  • Loaded with potassium

Being rich source of potassium and omega three fats salmon is the best food choice for heart health.

Boasts antioxidants like selenium and astaxanthin

Selenium and asthaxanthin present in salmon meat possess antioxidant properties.

  • Helps in weight management

Eating salmon helps in weight management by suppressing your appetite boosting the metabolism and burning the excess body fat.

  • Prevents inflammation

The nutraceutical compounds present in salmon prevents inflammation.

  • Good for brain health

The omega three fatty acids improves brain health and prevents depression, memory loss and other psychotic issues.

  • High Vitamin A content

It has ample amount of vitamin A and is beneficial for eye health.

How to make salmon fish

Smoked salmon

  • Marinate the salmon in your favorite seasoning and then cure it in salt or brine.
  • Smoke the salmon at lower temperature for 3-4 hours and serve.

Grilled salmon

  • Season the fish with the spices and herbs of your choice and marinate for 3-5 hours.
  • Grill the salmon with little oil in the or over the coal grill and enjoy.
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