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When to See a Physiotherapist: Signs You Need Help from a Professional

When to See a Physiotherapist: Signs You Need Help from a Professional

Physical therapist

Physical therapists are professionals in the Musculoskeletal system. Their main focus is to prevent and treat problems that limit the body's normal movement.

Signs that You Need Help From a Professional

The most suitable time to visit a physical therapist is when you are having a muscular, ligamentous, or any bone-related issue.

Some of the common reasons to see a Physical therapist  are:

Chronic Issues

Some of the most common chronic conditions which come with physical therapy are diabetes, Arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke, fracture, obesity, and post-surgical and neurological conditions. These conditions restrict daily activities and quality of life. Thus, physical therapists help restore and improve mobility and, ultimately, quality of life.


There are several types of headaches. Some of them, which need help from physical therapists, are tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches.

Cervicogenic headache

Presents a pain starting in the neck region and leading towards the head. It usually happens after neck movement and results in reduced neck motion and aches. Physical therapists help treat it by relaxing and stretching neck muscles that become tight from chronic postural problems or injuries.


Tension headache

It usually occurs due to stress and muscle tension. It presents itself as a throbbing pain, affecting both sides of the head. A physical therapist manages tension headaches through joint mobilization of the upper neck and back. Also by providing stretches and soft tissue release of tight muscles.


It is a spinning sensation similar to dizziness. The main causes of vertigo are head injury or inner ear problems, which play a major role in balance. Physical therapists help in treating vertigo by improving coordination, strength, visual stability, and balance training.

Sports injuries

Sports involve repetitive motion, which can cause many injuries, such as Ankle, leg, knee, Elbow, and shoulder injuries. In these cases, physical therapy is the best solution to treat acute or chronic injuries.

Neurological conditions

Some of the common neurological conditions that need a physical therapist’s attention are stroke, Acquired brain injury, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, waking difficulty, spinal cord injury, mobility and balance issues, neuromuscular disorders and Ataxia Physical therapists help manage these conditions by improving strength and balance through Rehabilitation exercises and Electrotherapy.


Muscle pull

Muscle pull or strain is when a muscle or its related tendon is stretched too much and tears due to high pressure on muscles. This injury can happen while performing daily tasks or activities, such as lifting or moving something heavy. It can also happen during exercise or playing sports due to overuse or wrong way of muscle use. It is a painful injury and requires immediate medical help.PT treats muscle strain through pain management and deloading the injured muscle.


Injuries and Physical Disorders can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes good nutrition, hydration, cardiovascular exercises, joints care, use of proper form during exercise, strength training, flexibility, stretching, right protective equipment, and avoiding overdo of exercise.

  • Also, seeing a doctor regularly can help prevent any injuries by catching early problems.
  • You should consult a physical therapist first before starting any exercise plan in case of any existing medical condition.

Author: Dr. Hira Ayub


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