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Nutrition for children: suggestions for a balanced diet

Nutrition for children: suggestions for a balanced diet

What Is Meant By Child Nutrition?

Child nutrition is established on the same idea as adult nutrition because a human being requires nutrients for proper growth and functioning. However, the key difference between child and adult nutrition is differentiated by the intake of different quantities of nutrients at different ages.

Importance Of Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition

Nutrition is important at every life stage but adequate and good nutrient intake is the baseline of a happy and healthy life for children. An adult person is most likely to develop poor nutritional status if proper attention was not paid during his early childhood. Eating wholesome and nutritious food in your childhood forms a solid foundation later in adulthood.

Benefits Of Child Nutrition

As we have discussed, child nutrition is a very important aspect that needs more attention, globally. Because proper nutrient intake benefits in following factors:

  1. Proper brain development
  2. High immunity
  3. Healthy teeth and skin
  4. Maintains blood pressure
  5. Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  6. Fights iron deficiency
  7. Supports the growth of muscles
  8. Protects GIT from various diseases
  9. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes 
  10. Helps in development and growth

Nutritional Needs Of A Child

A child has a different view of nutritional needs from an adult. As they are in a constant phase of development, they require:

High-energy foods

Protein Foods

Non-refined cereals, complete sources of protein, and healthy fats that include whole grains, meat and poultry, and oils, nuts, and seeds respectively provide high energy to the child. Moreover, healthy alternatives and different varieties can be added too.

Proteins That Help In Growth

We already know that healthy and complete protein in a child’s diet can help in protein synthesis, growth, and cell building. So add meat, poultry, lentils, fish, beans, chickpeas, and other protein-rich foods.

Adequate Amount of Micro-Nutrients

An adequate amount of vitamins and minerals in child diets protects them from many deficiencies and diseases. Also, these nutrients improve a child’s immunity which protects him from infections and other diseases.

Fibrous Foods

Green vegetables and colorful fruits deliver fibers along with various nutrients that help in keeping a child away from constipation, maintain proper bowel movement, and keep them healthy and wealthy.

Enough Dairy Products

Adding enough dairy products for a nutritional diet can provide different variety of essential nutrients. Furthermore, they contain a broad range of probiotics that helps in the digestion of foods, maintain a healthy gut, influence the immunity of, child and many more benefits.

10 Important Tips On Child Nutrition

  1. Don’t let your child skip meals. 
  2. Help them in avoiding processed junk foods.
  3. Focus on the different variety of food items.
  4. Limit the sugar intake. 
  5. Let them help you in the kitchen or in choosing foods. 
  6. Limit their use of gadgets during eating. 
  7. Encourage them to do outdoor activities. 
  8. Prioritize eating together with family. 
  9. Teach them about the benefits of proper nutrition. 
  10. Add healthy snacks to their diet.

Benefits of Child Nutrition

Bottom Line

Keeping up a child’s nutrition can be tricky. But it is necessary as it becomes the base of their future. Adequate child nutrition maintains proper growth and development of a child and gives them many benefits. Keep track of their nutritional needs and try out our tips!

Reviewed by Certified Dietitian

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