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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!
More than a Salad Staple: The Top Reasons Why Cucumbers Should Be in Your Diet

More than a Salad Staple: The Top Reasons Why Cucumbers Should Be in Your Diet

Cucumber is a long, green vegetable that is very commonly used in our regular salads. Some people add sliced cucumbers to their water bottles for detox water. What makes cucumber the "superfood" that it is supposed to be? We will be discussing the benefits that our very favorite salad ingredient possesses. 

Top health benefits of eating a cucumber

Keeps you hydrated

Cucumber is 95% water and helps prevent dehydration. 

Rich in fiber 

    The cucumber is a fruit very rich in fiber. 

    Promotes gut health

      The high fiber and water content of cucumbers improves gut health and prevents constipation.

      Very low in calories

        Half a cup of diced cucumber contains around 25 calories, which is negligible.

        High antioxidant content

          Cucumbers are very rich in antioxidants and thus promote good health and prevent stress.

          Aids weight loss

            Low calories and a richness in other nutrients make cucumbers a superfood for weight loss.

            Effective in diabetes

              Being low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber, cucumber also helps regulate blood sugar levels.

              Adds glow to your skin

                Cucumber, if eaten or applied to the skin in the form of a mask, improves the signs of aging and beautifies the skin. 

                How to consume cucumber

                As a salad

                Cut slice or dice the cucumber and eat as such. Or you may add a dressing of your choice to enhance the flavors. Peeling or not peeling is your choice, cucumber will keep providing endless benefits anyway. 

                In pickle

                Pickled cucumbers are eaten widely in the Middle East and are added to shawarma or eaten as a side with some dishes. Thin slices or cubes of cucumber are kept in vinegar for some time, and the pickle is ready to eat. 

                Cucumber juice

                Just blend the cucumber and add a pinch of salt or black salt and lemon juice for additional taste and benefits as well. Cucumber juice is so refreshing to consume in the summer and prevents dehydration.

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