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ice cream

I scream for Ice-cream

There are plenty of desserts in the world, each with its value and pleasure for people. Numerous desserts have been invented in the last few decades and have replaced the old ones but one that can never be put back and will forever have its comfort in everyone’s life is ice cream. There’s a distinctive gaiety and satisfaction about eating ice cream on any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, an outing with family or friends, a hot summer day, or a sad day for someone. It can bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Exploring the Joys of Ice-cream

This obsessively addictive dessert holds the power to bring happiness, nostalgia, and connection to a person's mind. It is a comfort dessert for people with a sweet tooth and cools off people on any hot, summer day. So if you can’t stay away from this addictive dessert but are afraid to enjoy it because of the calories then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered by providing you with healthier homemade alternatives. 

Ice Cream

  • Ice Cream can be made at home by mixing frozen fruit and milk or Greek yogurt, with a sweetener of your choice. This will offer you a guilt-free respite during the summer months.
  • For a healthy alternative, you can also enjoy popsicles which are made by freezing the fruits.
  • Healthy ice creams typically have fewer calories compared to traditional ice cream. They achieve this by using lower-fat ingredients or reducing the overall sugar content.
  • Many healthy ice creams contain less sugar or use natural sweeteners as a substitute. This helps to decrease the overall sugar content and makes the ice cream suitable for individuals watching their sugar intake.
  • Some of the healthy ice creams are often made with added protein, from sources like whey protein or plant-based alternatives. This can be helpful for those who are looking forward to increasing their protein intake or supporting muscle recovery.

Calories in Ice Cream 

The calories in ice cream usually differ based on different factors as they have different ingredients, portion sizes, and the way of formulations. Generally, one scoop of ice cream which is around ½ cup or 4 ounces contains about an average of 150-200 calories.

These above-mentioned benefits of consuming a healthy ice cream can take away your guilt of enjoying this frozen treat but it is to be remembered that any form of ice cream must be taken in moderation. It should be added to a balanced diet as excessive intake may lead to weight gain and other health concerns. Moderation helps you enjoy the joys of ice cream while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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