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Stacks for your supper snack

Stacks for your supper snack

There is no doubt that we have all been in this situation where our stomachs are rumbling at night and we find ourselves in front of an open refrigerator. In this situation, a stack of tasty snacks can be the perfect solution. These snacks can come in many forms, from sweet and savory to healthy and indulgent, to satisfy your cravings. Instead of mindlessly eating unhealthy food, munch on these guilt-free healthy snacks.



To satisfy your crunchy, salty craving, popcorn comes to the rescue. This healthy, high-fiber whole-grain snack will make you feel fuller. Pop them up with a slight amount of butter, sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top, and enjoy.

Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Here comes a classic, favorite childhood snack to save us from the hunger monster and satisfy the sweet tooth. The delightful and nutritious peanut butter is packed with healthy fats, proteins, and energy. The amino acid tryptophan in peanut butter helps to raise the levels of melatonin and serotonin, which are responsible for sleep and relaxation. Just make sure to choose whole-grain bread and natural peanut butter and jelly to maximize the health benefits.

Greek yogurt with fruits and nuts

Greek yogurt with fruits

Rich in protein, gut-friendly probiotics, and calcium, eating yogurt is linked to relieving digestive issues. Top a bowl of yogurt with berries, seeds, chopped nuts, or a spoonful of peanut butter, honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup. If you want to avoid extra calories, then opt for plain yogurt to maximize the benefits.

A Handful of nuts


High in proteins and vitamins, nuts are also a natural source of melatonin, which helps to induce sleepiness. Pistachios, walnuts, and almonds are the best healthy late-night snacks that help you feel full and satisfy your salty, crunchy craving.

Just be mindful of your portion sizes and eat no more than a handful, as they are high in calories.



If you are not planning to sleep immediately after eating then Fruits can also be a good choice as a snack. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and magnesium and help to relax muscles.

The tropical pineapple is an excellent source of melatonin and will help you fall asleep.

Apples are highly filling and low in calories. You can even relish a slice of apple with peanut butter on top.



Yes, we all might associate oatmeal with breakfast. But it also makes a good midnight snack. An ideal blank canvas to fill with your desired flavors Oatmeal is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and fulfilling fiber. Throw in some dried berries, nuts, seeds, honey, maple syrup, or fresh fruit in a plain bowl of oatmeal, OR you can top it up with an egg, salt, and black pepper.

Bottom line 

Munching on snacks late at night is fine, but keeping them light and simple, low in sugar and salt is what matters. Instead of carelessly eating high-calorie, unhealthy foods with extra fats that take time to digest and leave you tossing in bed, go for nutrient-dense and healthy options.

Reviewed by Certified Dietitian


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