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Arabic Shawarma

How Many Calories Does Arabic Shawarma Have?

What is Arabic shawarma?

Arabic shawarma or Al-Arab shawarma is a recently introduced wrap with a blend of scrumptious flavors from the Middle East. It consists of a variety of ingredients including chicken marinated to the yumminess of flavors and sauces adding to the taste and salad for the best texture, all of this wrapped in Arabic bread. As much as it sounds great, one must be wondering how many calories it may contain.

Calories in Arabic Shawarma

Calories in Arabic shawarma vary depending on its recipe. It contains a variety of calorie-dense ingredients including mayo and hummus sauces, chicken, and bread. Calories in Arabic shawarma range from 300-800 kcal per shawarma.

A normal shawarma containing 3 ounces of shredded chicken, a tablespoon each of hummus, and mayo sauces wrapped in a normal 8-inch roti/bread, will provide you with around 600 calories, which is a lot.

Have you ever tried to cut back on the calories in traditional Arabic Shawarma?

This information may sound disappointing to a lot of you. But here’s the good news, You can  cut short on calories by,

  • Preparing your shawarma at home
  • Increasing the amount of salad 
  • Replacing the mayonnaise dressing with sour cream, yogurt, and mustard
  • Decreasing the thickness of the bread. Trust me, the thinner the bread, the tastier the shawarma.

Reviewed by Certified Dietitian

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