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Balochi Sajji

The Tasteful and Healthy Balochi Sajji

In sajji, the meat is cooked to perfection in a wood fire which enhances the natural umami flavors of the meat. This tender meat has no added spices or oils and is only cooked to preserve the natural flavor of the meat with a tad bit of salt. This dish originated in the southern province of Baluchistan and is traditionally prepared by hanging the marinated meat over the coal or wood until it is tender and juicy.

Sajji contains very little oil and salt which makes it very healthy yet flavorful. Besides this, grilling also helps preserve all the goodness of the meat. This makes it a health-friendly option, not fattening and full of flavors and nutrients.

Conventional sajji recipe with a twist

Conventionally sajji is made with whole lamb or goat which undoubtedly is so full of natural flavors that it does not need any added spices or condiments. And not to mention but the basic taste is derived from the natural fat present in the lamb. It makes it a little less healthy to consume, though occasionally it is a good treat to your taste buds.

The sajji if made with lean meat, chicken is a very good alternative for the diet conscious. Red meat already tastes amazing on its own but chicken needs some added flavors. Here's a recipe for you to create your sajji with any meat of your choice.

You will need

  • The meat of your choice
  • Salt
  • All-spice (garam masala)

All you have to do is marinate the meat in said spices or any other spices you like and cook it on the coals.

Chicken Sajji

Sajji supremacy over the other grilled meat

Sajji is better than other grilled meats because

  • Sajji has no additional spices and sauces and is marinated in very minimal salt.
  • It is cooked without or in very little oil.
  • Slow cooking it over the wood or coals preserve the natural umami taste of meat as well as all the nutrients.
  • It is more tender, juicy, and full of flavor, that too without any additional condiments, than other grilled meats.


The sajji is a traditional Baluchi dish of meat that is cooked merely with salt yet so delicious. Being cooked with very little salt and almost no oil makes it very health-friendly. Besides the taste and nutritional benefits, watching the sajji being cooked, meat hung on hardwood or metal rods, over the coals or wood and the crackling sound of burning wood makes it more appetizing.

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