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Enjoy Free Shipping On Orders Above Rs. 2000!


  • Shilajit
    January 2, 2024 Jacked Nutrition

    Shilajit (Salajeet) Benefits

    Usually, the first question someone has about any topic, item, or word is, What is it? So, it would be best to begin with “What is Shilajit?” Shilajit (Salajeet), or mineral pitch, is also called “mountain’s sweat” among locals of...

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  • vitamin D deficiency
    September 25, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    What are the Symptoms of Low Vitamin D?

    Individuals must prioritize regular health check-ups to remain vigilant about their health conditions. Vitamin D is crucial for our bodies, impacting healthy bones, the immune system, depression, and other chronic diseases. Inadequate vitamin D consumption can have adverse effects on...

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  • constipation
    August 21, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    A Dietitian's Picks for the 7 Best Foods for Constipation

    Constipation is an unpleasant and inconvenient digestive problem that affects individuals of all ages. The good news is that a variety of dietary options exist to both mitigate this issue and support digestive health. As a registered dietitian, I often...

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  • Nutritional Facts
    August 21, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    10 Nutritional Facts You Should Know

    Numerous nutrition misconceptions can be discarded using logical reasoning and scientific support. It's worth noting that even foods rich in health benefits might be harmful when excessively consumed. Therefore, this article comprises a compilation of ten nutritional facts, aimed at...

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  • Beef
    July 19, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Know Your Beef Before You Eat

    The meat commonly referred to as "beef" is obtained from farm animals, more precisely from cows, bulls, or calves. It is a prominent protein source and an integral component in a variety of cuisines all over the world. The unique essence of...

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  • nutrient deficiency
    July 17, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    6 Signs That You Have Nutrient Deficiencies:

    A well-balanced diet is required for good overall health. However, if your body is not meeting its adequate nutrient requirements, it can cause a deficiency. These particular signs and symptoms are your body’s way to communicate its needs so your body...

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  • Nutrition for children: suggestions for a balanced diet
    March 13, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Nutrition for children: suggestions for a balanced diet

    What is meant by child nutrition? Child nutrition is established on the same idea as adult nutrition because a human being requires nutrients for proper growth and functioning. However, the key difference between child and adult nutrition is that it...

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  • Importance & Benefits of Sunlight in the Morning
    March 13, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Importance & Benefits of Sunlight in the Morning

    Does sunlight have a role in human life? A free, natural resource on earth can go a long way. Our bodies determine the nutritional status of a person’s health when they are well-fed, well-nourished, and well-hydrated. Along with these factors,...

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  • Diet in Ramadan
    March 10, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Diet in Ramadan

    Ramadan is one of the most important and sacred months for Muslims. We long for its arrival and do the planning all year. Those who observe the rituals take their first meal before dawn and fast the whole day till...

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