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  • Recipes under Budget
    September 25, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    The Best Recipes For Meal Prepping On A Budget

    In today's fast-paced world, convenience often takes precedence over nutrition, leading to unhealthy eating habits. However, meal prepping offers a practical solution to this problem, allowing individuals to enjoy nutritious and budget-friendly meals. This informative essay explores the art of...

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  • School Lunch
    September 25, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    How to Meal Prep Healthy School Lunches?

    School lunch has an essential role in a child’s school life. It provides them with energy, and nourishment to grow and perform well during challenging days at school. It helps them to stay focused on their goals, learn, and explore in...

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  • Buffalo Chicken Tender
    July 20, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Buffalo Chicken Tenders

      Who can say no to a healthy chicken tenders recipe? This recipe offers you crispy chicken baked to excellence and smothered in a rich and savory sauce. These Buffalo chicken tenders are protein-packed, low in carbs and fats, and...

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  • Butter Chicken
    May 19, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    High Protein Butter Chicken

    Here's a low-carb chicken dish with a rich taste that will leave you wanting more. This hearty and satisfying dish is ideal for a midweek meal and is perfect for any time of year. This  easy-to-follow recipe for butter chicken...

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  • Whipped Coffee Recipe
    March 10, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    How to Make
    High Protein Whipped Coffee Recipe

    Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee to start their mornings? Here’s an easy recipe for you to make the best whipped coffee which requires less ingredients and will be ready in no time. This high protein whipped coffee...

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  • High Protein Cookie Dip Recipe
    March 9, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    High Protein Cookie Dip Recipe

    The best homemade dessert recipes are those that require minimal ingredients and no baking. This high-protein cookie dip recipe is one of those. It is packed with protein and contains no extra added sugars making it a healthy and delicious snack....

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  • Chicken Fajita Wrap Recipe
    March 3, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Healthy Chicken Fajita Wrap Recipe
    High Protein

    Here’s an easy recipe for you to throw together when you need a filling lunch. Containing 408 calories per wrap, 47g protein, 37g carbs, and 8g fat. This recipe not only helps you in covering your daily nutritional needs but...

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  • High Protein Healthy Pizza Recipe
    February 26, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    High Protein Healthy Pizza Recipe

    Sometimes all you crave is pizza but you are too conscious about your diet. For that, it is important to have a healthy alternative. We bring you a recipe that can easily replace your junk food craving, is super healthy,...

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  • Sweetened Protein Shake Recipe - Indulgent Date
    February 15, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Sweetened Protein Shake Recipe - Indulgent Date

    Protein shakes are dietary supplements that may come in handy when your diet doesn’t consist of high-quality proteins or when you simply can’t reach your daily protein needs through your diet. You can use them in form of protein powders and add...

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  • Mango Lassi
    February 9, 2023 Jacked Nutrition

    Mango Lassi

    Hot summer days call for a refreshing mango lassi. Below we have a recipe for you that can make you feel cool and energized on sunny days. It is a highly energizing drink containing 140 calories and 15g of protein to...

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